News and Events

Upcoming Events

Date Talk Location
Apr. 5 @8:00am The 1st Yale Workshop on AI, Ethics, and Society by multiple presenters Yale on York
Apr. 9 @4:00pm Self-Supervised Natural Language Processing by William Wang AKW 200

Spring 2019 Talks

Date Talk Location
Feb. 5 @10:30am Visual Question Answering and Beyond by Aishwarya Agrawal AKW 200
Feb. 7 @4:00pm Context-Driven Implicit Interactions by Gierad Laput AKW 200
Feb. 14 @4:00pm Representation Learning for Video Understanding by Michael Ryoo AKW 200
Feb. 18 @10:30am Interaction in Dynamic Domains by Greg Trafton Davies AUD
Feb. 18 @1:30pm Towards ML You Can Rely On by Aleksander Madry Luce 203
Feb. 21 @4:00pm Sim2real, sim2life, and sim2all: designing and manufacturing non/living systems. by Josh Bongard AKW 200
Feb. 28 @10:30am Neural Information Retrieval without Labeled Data by Hamed Zamani AKW 200
Mar. 7 @4:00pm Trust and Accountability in Computer Systems by Joshua Kroll AKW 200

Fall 2018 Talks

Date Talk Location
Sep. 12 @12:00pm YINS Distinguished Lecture by Constantinos Daskalakis 17 Hillhouse Avenue
Sep. 26 @10:30am CS Talk by Daniel Fremont AKW 000
Oct. 2 @10:30am CS Colloquium by Lin Zhong AKW 200
Oct. 24 @12:00pm YINS Distinguished Lecturer by Elad Hazan 17 Hillhouse Ave
Oct. 24 @4:00pm YINS Distinguished Lecturer by Ian Horswill AKW 200
Oct. 30 @10am EE & YINS Talk by Shiqiang Wang 17 Hillhouse Avenue
Nov. 13 @10:30am Seeing is Deceiving: The rise of fake media & how we can fight back with technologies by Siwei Lyu AKW 200
Nov. 27 @10:30am Intelligent Cognitive Systems by Greg Trafton AKW 200
Dec. 7 @2:00pm Local flow-based methods for graph clustering by Di Wang 17 Hillhouse Rm. 335

Spring 2018 Talks

Date Talk Location
Jan. 18 @4:15pm DSDS Talk by Trevor Campbell 24 Hillhouse Avenue
Jan. 24 @4:00pm Applied Mathematics Seminar by Dr. Richard Tapia AKW 200
Feb. 13 @4:00pm CS Colloqium by Himabindu Lakkaraju Becton MC035
Feb. 15 @10:30am CS Colloqium by Nisheeth Vishnoi AKW 200
Feb. 26 @4:00pm CS Colloqium by Danqi Chen AKW 200
March 29 @10:30am CS Colloqium by Cameron Musco AKW 200
April 2 @2:00pm CS Colloqium by Shuran Song AKW 200
April 16 @4:00pm CS Colloqium by Ryan Cotterell AKW 200

Fall 2017 Talks

Date Talk Location
Oct. 20 @9:00am Workshop by Multiple speakers Luce Hall
Nov. 6 @4:30pm YCS Talks by YCS Various locations

Spring 2017 Talks

Date Talk Location
Apr. 19 @12:00pm YINS Seminar by Daniel Spielman 3rd floor at 17 Hillhouse
Apr. 12 @11:00am YINS Seminar by Dragomir Radev 3rd floor at 17 Hillhouse
Apr. 3 @4:00 pm CS Talk by Mark Dredze AKW 200
Mar. 6 @4:15 pm CS Talk by Mirella Lapata AKW 200
Feb. 17 @10:30 am CS Talk by Peter Stone AKW 200